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Contrary to beliefs, here at Peter Warren PEUGEOT, we are more so in a people business than a car business. It is our commitment to excellent service satisfaction and forging trust with our customers that has enabled us to enjoy success over the years in the automotive industry. We believe that this stems from the leaders and role models at Peter Warren Automotive who have fostered an environment founded on integrity, excellent work-life balance, a well-designed and supportive workplace and abundant training and professional development. It is no surprise how Peter Warren PEUGEOT has gained an outstanding reputation in the automotive industry.

We are always seeking to grow our team and if you have got what it takes to push the boundaries of excellence, we would love to have you on our dynamic team. Our team at Peter Warren PEUGEOT are truly passionate about the brand and is always taking every opportunity to give back to the local community. Empowering lives and helping people is our business and if you would like to be a part of it, we would love to hear from you.

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